The projects of
Glocal Impact Network

The projects of
Glocal Impact Network

With Glocal Impact Network you will have access to a diversified portfolio of projects already launched in more than 30 countries around the world promoting systemic innovation as a response to major changes taking place globally.

The approach pursued by Glocal Impact Network promotes innovation to development based on the open source, combining low-tech innovations made of locally available materials with transfer of knowledge as a means to tackle contemporary challenges worldwide by actively involving the local community.

Combining these elements is the only possible way to activate local virtuous circles that can lead to the development of microeconomics and social business. Furthermore, each element of our approach is linked to an impact generated systemically.

Our Open Source

Our Open Source

Our projects

Liter Of Light
Europe / Italia

Energy / Social Impact

Bloom Project

Agriculture / Digital Maker & Design Thinking


Urban development / Social Impact

Partner Projects

Together with the projects developed internally by the Glocal Impact Network team, we want to disseminate and promote other projects contributing to development’s innovation in various forms and areas in the north and south of the world.


Sustainable mobility


Water access


Scalability processes

Famo Cose


The Glocal Impact Network

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